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How to make the most of your “link in bio” for free

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Written by Reece Cotton |

Social media platforms typically provide content creators with a space to enter their information in the bio (profile) area. In many cases, these platforms provide content creators the ability to set up a single 3rd party website for their viewers to access. Some platforms like Tik Tok, may not readily provide the hyperlink option unless content creators meet a certain criteria (such as followers count, viewership metrics, etc.). In which case, simply typing out your website link in the bio section as text-only will suffice. Your viewers may have to re-type your link into their web browser in order to access the content. Having a hyperlink in your bio is more convenient, but it’s not required. When you go to update your social media profile in the settings, you should see something similar to the following:

In the example above, your link in bio or link in profile is where you enter your website information. Making the most of your “link in bio” is crucial because it allows returning and potential fans or clients to access your content beyond the platform where they discovered you. If you have multiple websites and channels where people can enjoy more of your content then you’ll want to utilize that single hyperlink (or text) in your bio area to connect them to a landing page.

A landing page is essentially a destination page where your viewers “land” after clicking a hyperlink from your social media platform or another source such as an email, ad, etc. Unless there is something specific you want viewers to focus on, then leverage this opportunity by arranging your landing page so viewers can access everything at-a-glance. They can scroll through a summary of all your content or reference links to said content. This content can range from music to merchandise. This is where you connect your new fans and clients to content they cannot easily access otherwise. In addition to that, if you have multiple social media pages that you’d like to expose at once, then this is also an efficient method to leverage short attention spans.

There are many online tools that can help you with this process. If you don’t already have a website platform like WiX or a presentable Google spreadsheet for listing your products, consider trying a free version of the following:




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